Drinking Coffee From Counselor Troi's Head

by Drinking Coffee From Counselor Troi's Head



Celebrating their 18th year as a band, Drinking Coffee From
Counselor Troi's Head has returned to their original sound
and line-up, and have also recorded their first record of
2012, the self-titled release you find here.

Started when the members were in their late teens, Troi
has always been a band aiming for expansive, noise rock
driven tunes, and this release is no exception - in fact,
the band feel this is the return to the original idea
behind Troi, taking them back to their early 90's roots,
and back to the sound and music that made the band what
it is today.

18 years in, and this is the Troi that was meant to be,
making the members not only excited and happy, but also
bring the old-school magic back to a band nearly in its
20th year. 2013 is the Year of Troi.

This album is dedicated to
Kurt Cobain, a major part
of what Troi was and is.

"I'd Rather Be Dead Than Cool..."

Thanks to: Eli Begeer, Andrew Consiglio, Joe Gibson.


released October 31, 2012

Drinking Coffee From Counselor Troi's Head is:
Jared Butler, Ken Lantz, Cory Thrall

Recorded 100% LIVE
October 1st, 2012

Recorded by Jared Butler
Mixed by Cory Thrall
Catalog Number: dt015




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